eva wright weaving charleston sweetgrass basket

charleston sweetgrass basket
About Miss Eva Wright
Eva Wright learned sweetgrass basket weaving from her grandmother when she was just a young girl of seven growing up in Mt. Pleasant, SC.

She has been featured as a sweetgrass basket artisan on SCETV, written about in local and national papers, books and magazines. She has been to trade shows and art shows all over America and even in Europe to demonstrate, share and teach her craft. She has been involved over the years with the SC Artisan Center in Walterboro, SC where she has taught young boys and girls her art. She has been a featured speaker, and honoree at the SC Museum of History.

As for the origin of the sweetgrass basket: In the lowcountry of South Carolina and Georgia, where sweetgrass grows and was picked up by slaves, sweetgrass began to be woven into baskets. The African tradition fast became a lowcountry (Geechi) hallmark. While sweetgrass and varieties used in basketmaking are becoming scarce with a waning interest of new generations learning the craft, some have feared that sweetgrass basket making could be a dying art.

As some pass the time with worry, Miss Eva weaves another piece of history as she works beneath the Angel Oak Tree on John's Island, SC. If you plan to drive out and see her on days she's there, better plan to pull up a chair and stay awhile. As she speaks about her life, one cannot help but to find themselves woven into a mosaic web of her wisdom on life lessons, culture, love and history. As she speaks and weaves, you will soon understand how we are all woven together in a mosaic web, like the single strands of sweetgrass that begin to emerge as her timeless art.

Click here for a video clip of Eva Wright at work beneath the historic Angel Oak tree On nearby John's Island, SC

sweetgrass baskets of Charleston

sweetgrass basket